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1 Appointment booking by text

Patients can text their 5 digit zip code to any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

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One may say, I just need to find the best dentist near me, and not have to select from the list.
It is easy with our patent pending platform, you simple call the memorable phone number 1.8 DENTISTRY (1.833 684 7879) and enter your Zip Code when prompted and your call is directly transferred to the best dentist near or in your Zip Code.

2 Appointment booking by call

Patients can call any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above and enter their 5 digit zip code when prompted to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

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Appointment booking by call 2

Patients can call any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above and enter their 5 digit zip code when prompted to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.

You also have option to search and book appointment with dentist near you on this website by location, by dental procedure, and by insurance or combination thereof.

3 Appointment booking on Websites

Patients can search on any of our multiple websites tied to memorable phone numbers with their Zip code and book the appointment with any of the listed dentists on web.

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There is no cost to you to find the dentist of your liking, and communicate with them on our website or using the text.
Please Note: Text data and Text rates may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the local dentist for your dental needs you can call or text your zip code to 1.8 DENTISTRY (1.833 684 7879) or any of our 50+ dental branded toll free numbers located at Alternatively you can search and book appointment with your local dentist on any of the associated dental web directories/ websites including

The best place is somewhere close to your location, cheaper and quality services at the closest dental office in or near your zip code. That is what our platform provides you at no cost at all. You can check the pricing of different dental treatments from different dentists in the area on any of our web directories. All you do is select the proper dental procedure, zip code and your insurance (if you have any) to find the affordable local dentist for your specific dental procedure. Even if you have no insurance you can use our services, just select the “No Insurance” option in place of insurance. Many of the dentists on our site provide free initial consultation. It is always good to get dental coupons from your local dentists directly on your phone or email, just by registering on any of our dental directories ( or on
The right dentist is the dentist who is an expert in the dental procedure you are seeking. Select the procedure and the zip code to find the nearest dentist, who is right for your needs. We have patient need based high recall toll free phone numbers, that you can call or text to get connected with the right dentist for your needs close to your area. For example you can call 1.8 DENTAL IMPLANT (  if you are looking for dental implants, or 1.TEETH WHITE ( for a dentist to whiten your teeth. You also can get coupons at 1.TEETH DEALS ( from your local dentists.
The dentist on our dental web directories / websites provides all the details related to their licensure, education they have, languages they speak etc. You can also see the reviews from multiple sites such as Healthgrades, yelp and google for that dentist or dental practice. Checking reviews is one thing you can do to find out if other dental patients were happy with their services. Reviews only can give you one side of the story, you also need to know the specialty the dentists are known for, education and the experience the dentists have, all combined will give you a better picture of the dentist that you are looking for.

The dentists are rated on our site by the overall ratings, and you see the badge that is displayed on their profile, it is combined score from our algorithm, that is based on their experience, proficiency, overall patient sentiment about the dentist, and the accessibility to dentist using text, phone call, email and on website. Our ratings project as complete a picture of the dentist and their services as possible. Our dental web directories / websites also show the pictures of their offices, before and after pictures of results for patients they provided services to, any videos of testimony or dental tips. We also provide opportunities for dentists to answer dental questions which give you good information about the dentist and their knowledge and experience.

On our dental websites, and dental directories, we have the feature that allows dentists to provide information on their services and prices they charge for each of their services. Oftentimes your specific needs and procedure may be slightly different than standard procedure, that the pricing depicts. You get the ballpark pricing for the procedure or condition you need treatment for, if the dentist you are looking at has provided details on pricing for that dental treatment.
To use our services on our websites, dental directories, calling the phone number or texting the phone numbers on our network ( does not cost anything from our end. Our services are completely free to the dental patients. You may be charged for texting or calls that the phone company would normally charge. The appointment booking with dentists on our web directories or by texting or call is also free. You will see the pricing of each dentist if they charge for the initial appointment, or their first appointment is free. Also you will see if the dentist provides any discounted pricing for your local area. You can also see if they have any special payment plans. You also can check if the dentist you are interested in covers the insurance you have. If you register on any of our dental directories or on, you have access to all the coupons and discounts that your local dentists provide.
You can text your zip code or call any of our 50+ memorable dental numbers on , or login to the related web directories to find out the list of local dentists and their available appointment times, to get the same day appointment you need. There is no cost to use our services. Oftentimes dentists’ initial appointments are free and many offer free consultations, free x-ray and more. Each individual dentist has their own pricing information on our websites, you can check before you book an appointment. Same day appointments are available most of the time depending on local dentist availability. You can also get free dental coupons from local dentists by signing up on

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